Prioritisation and Investment Committee

The Prioritisation and Investment Committee (PIC) was established to review proposals for new recurrent or non-recurrent investment into service provision (or existing services asking for extensions of funding), assess value for money of proposals (considering the CCG financial context and other existing services), prioritise these as needed and provide recommendations to the CCG Governing Body about whether proposals should be funded.  The Committee meets in public and its objectives are:

  • To recommend to the CCG Governing Body whether proposals for use of recurrent and non-recurrent investment should be funded or not;
  • To receive advice from the Managing Director and Chief Finance Officer on resources available and the CCG Chair on clinical ambitions and strategy;
  • To assess bids, score and prioritise against the agreed prioritisation framework;
  • Proposals will be assessed to ensure value for money, impact on patients and outcomes and to ensure they are in line with the CCG clinical and financial strategy ;
  • To consider service specifications, key performance indicators, metrics and the proposed contractual arrangements;
  • Any proposal which is about investment in Primary Care, either directly or via the GP Confederation will require the additional scrutiny of the CCG Local GP Provider Contracts Committee (LGPPCC) once agreed by the PIC;
  • The Committee will also want to receive assurance that member and patient consultation has been achieved through our Clinical Executive Committee, Clinical Commissioning Forum and Patient and Public Involvement committee

The members of the PIC are:

Catherine Macadam, CCG Lay Member for Public and Patient Involvement and Chair of the PIC

Chris Gallagher, CCG Governing Body Consultant

Mark Rickets, CCG Chair

Gary Marlowe, CCG Clinical Vice Chair

Nikhil Katiyar, CCG Governing Body GP

Jane Milligan, CCG Chief Officer

Sunil Thakker, CCG Chief Finance Officer

Penny Bevan, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Hackney and City of London Corporation

London Borough of Hackney HealthWatch Representative

City of London HealthWatch Representative


Declarations of interest for the Committee members are contained in the CCGs Register of Interest 


Meeting dates

The Committee meets as required and future meeting dates will be provided on this website and through the CCGs social media.  Past meeting papers 

Meeting papers usually follow at least five days prior to the meetings



From 2015 this committee will be held in public and so we will add the venue and timing details to our website to allow members of the public to attend.


Meeting dates

Friday 22 April 2016, 1400-1700
Friday 17 June 2016, 1400-1700
Friday 23 September 2016, 1400-1700
Friday 18 November 2016, 1400-1700 (cancelled)
Friday 20 January 2017, 1400-1700
Friday 24 March 2017, 1400-1700

Hoxton Room
NHS City & Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group
3rd Floor
Block A St Leonard's Hospital 
N1 5LZ

Meeting papers usually follow at least five days prior to the meetings