Our Work

NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for the commissioning (planning and purchasing of healthcare services for all local people in Hackney and the City of London.

In 2017/18 we moved from having nine clinically led Programme Boards focused mainly on healthcare bought by the CCG, to four care workstreams involving managers, staff  and clinicians/practitioners from the CCG and local authorities (both Hackney Council and the City of London Corporation) working alongside staff from our local hospital, mental health trust, community groups and other providers and residents and patients to make decisions about how best to improve outcomes for local people.

There are four care workstreams, these are: Planned Care, Unplanned (or emergency / crisis) Care, Children, Young People and Maternity Services and Prevention. CCG GPs continue to be involved in each of the workstreams together with clinicians and practitioners from across the system and the whole of the CCG’s decision making structure, now supported by a wider breadth of practitioner views to enable clinically led commissioning. 

  • The CCG covers an area of North East London made up of the City of London and the London Borough of Hackney. Our local population is 286,000, made up of 7,000 residents in the City and 279,000 in Hackney. The number of people registered with a GP practice in our local area is 332,272.
  • City and Hackney City continues to face significant health and wellbeing challenges. Despite significant economic growth and regeneration in recent years, Hackney remains one of the most diverse boroughs in England, with some specific pockets of very high deprivation.
  • Hackney has high levels of child poverty which varies between different wards. 
  • There are high mortality rates from causes considered preventable such as smoking, obesity, poor diet and inactivity.
  • Over 40% of children in Year 6 in Hackney are obese.
  • Hackney has one of the highest rates of smoking in London and a high number of adults are inactive.
  • Residents are more likely to be living with a long-term condition, such as diabetes, lung conditions, heart problems or diabetes and more likely to find it difficult to manage these conditions.
  • There is high number of local people who have mental health conditions, including severe mental health conditions. 

We work alongside a variety of partners to commission and deliver health, care and wellbeing  services to City and Hackney patients and residents alongside London Borough of Hackney and City of London Corporation; our service providers such as Homerton Hospital as the provider of emergency services, community health services, outpatients services; GP Confederation, representing all 42 practices in the local area; East London Foundation Trust providing mental health services; alongside other providers outside of the local area including Whittington Health, Moorfields Eye Hospital, University College Hospital and Barts Health.