City and Hackney Neighbourhoods

In City and Hackney, GP practices have joined with residents, local hospitals, community groups, mental health providers, social care, and voluntary sector organisations to create eight ‘Neighbourhood’ areas.

Each Neighbourhood includes four to seven GP practices who will work as part of a team of local services to coordinate health and social care in the community to help improve the lives of around 30,000 – 50,000 residents who live in that neighbourhood area. These teams will also support residents to access support for other areas which affect their health and wellbeing such as advice on healthy living, activities to help reduce social isolation, local exercise facilities, advice and guidance for debt, links to housing among other things.

The Neighbourhoods are small enough to provide personal care, but big enough to make sure residents can use the range of services they need. It also means we can really map and understand what each Neighbourhood has to offer residents beyond just health and social care services such as parks, libraries, gyms, community groups.

The aim of Neighbourhoods is to bring different services together to provide care closer to home which is better suited the unique needs of local communities, prevent ill health and help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.  Neighbourhoods will also help people understand, access and take more control over the things that can help keep them well and improve their sense of wellbeing.

What will Neighbourhoods do?

Working with information currently available, as well as local NHS staff and residents, each neighbourhood has developed a list of priorities to help meet the health, social care and broader needs of people who live in that neighbourhood. Work is beginning in each Neighbourhood to understand how changes can be made to help residents in these priority areas.

There is also work taking place to change the way services are provided across all eight neighbourhoods to deliver local and joined up care. For example the adult community nursing service is looking at how it can provide a dedicated team of community nurses working within each Neighbourhood. Adult Social Care is also exploring how social workers can support primary care and work more closely in the community with other teams. This kind of work is also happening in mental health services and the voluntary sector.

Neighbourhoods will:

  • Ensure all residents benefit from the same level of health and social care support no matter where they live
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of local people from birth to the end of life
  • Provide more support for individuals, families and communities to support themselves, prevent ill health and manage parts of their own care
  • Ensure services and professionals work closer together for people of all ages, especially those who are vulnerable or have complex needs, who receive support from health and social care, community, voluntary and wider public sector organisations
  • Listen, develop and plan services with individuals, families and community groups to meet local needs.

You can see a map of the eight Neighbourhood areas below. Local residents and staff have helped to name each Neighbourhood after a local park.

Neighbourhoods parks and names

Who is involved?

All the main health and social care organisations, community groups and voluntary sector organisations as well as local residents are involved with Neighbourhoods.

Specifically this includes:

  • GP practices
  • The local GP Confederation (the membership group for GP practices)
  • Homerton Hospital (both the Hospital itself and its community services)
  • Mental health providers, such as East London Foundation Trust, Homerton Hospital, Tavistock and Portman and Voluntary Sector organisations such as Mind, Derman and Bikur Cholim
  • Social care from Hackney Council and City of London Corporation
  • Public health
  • Community pharmacists
  • NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (City and Hackney CCG helps to plan and buy health and care services)

What do Neighbourhoods mean for me as a resident?  

We don’t expect the ways that residents use care to change overnight, local people will still be able to visit and use their GP practice and go to hospital when they need to.

Over time, we expect residents will notice that the health and care services they receive are working closer together, are based in the community and are better tailored to their unique needs.

In each Neighbourhood, there will be a team made up of GPs, mental health, social care, community, and voluntary groups who will work together with local residents. This is called ‘multi-disciplinary working’.

Neighbourhoods will help services to become more person-centred, working with residents to help manage their own health and care needs as well as supporting them to look at and access support for the other things which might be affecting their health, like loneliness, employment, housing, or lack of exercise.

Neighbourhoods are about supporting existing staff to work better together which will also help the money and other resources go further.

Integrated Care

Neighbourhoods is a key part in what is called the ‘Integrated Care System’ as it will help health and care services, the wider community and voluntary sector work closer together.

Integrated care involves Hackney Council, the City of London Corporation and NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) working with key service providers such as the Homerton, East London Foundation Trust, the GP Confederation, St Joseph’s hospice, and the voluntary sector to improve health and care services.

With integrated care, the aim is to provide great services for local people by making the money go further while using the skills and experience of health and care staff to join services together.

Have Your Say

Working with residents as equal partners is central Neighbourhoods.

If you would like to have your say on the big issues in your Neighbourhood and how we can do things differently, please email: You can also share any questions and concerns, or get involved further.​