IT Enabler Programme

The IT Enabler Programme - Digital Transformation in City and Hackney


Digital Transformation in City and Hackney is being delivered by the IT Enabler Programme. It was formed to fund varying digital and technology projects to help health and care professionals communicate better and enable people to access the care they need quickly and easily, when it suits them.

The IT Enabler programme is a key component of the overall work of the City and Hackney Integrated Care System.


Our vision

To improve the health and wellbeing of the City and Hackney community by providing digital solutions that enable the delivery of high quality and efficient integrated health and care services

We aim to achieve this by working with the public, patients and providers to deliver new or improve existing digital systems and services that enable cross organisational and whole system development and improve City & Hackney residents’ health and wellbeing.


Turning ideas into a reality

The NHS Long Term Plan published on 7 January 2019 highlights the importance of technology in the future NHS. Care workstream projects have the opportunity to pitch for funding to pilot and deliver digital projects that align to the plan, meet the programmes principles which support digital transformation and provide a step change in the way health and care are delivered.

From websites and apps that make care and advice easy to access wherever you are, to connected computer systems that give staff the test results, history and evidence they need to make the best decisions for patients, we’re working smarter to provide better care than ever before.


Case study: Meet the team

Each team member is focused on working with varying partners to ensure the right investment, solution and infrastructure gets delivered to move towards delivering our vision.

Anita Ghosh - IT Enable Programme Manager

Susan Leake - IT Enabler Project Support

Digital Transformation Leads

Irtiqa Altaf - Children, Young People, Maternity and Family (CYPMF) Workstream

James Driver - Unplanned Care Workstream

Meg Dibb-Fuller - Prevention Workstream


Case study: Connecting digital systems

Data from patient health and adult social care records helps us to improve individual care, speed up diagnosis, plan local services, research new treatments, and ultimately, save lives. Ensuring that staff and patients have access to the right data, at the right time, is vital to the NHS providing effective, safe, good value services.

To achieve this, our systems must be digital and interoperable. This means that they are able to talk to each other, so that data can flow seamlessly between different IT systems and across health and care settings.

The IT Enabler funded project, east London Patient Record (eLPR) is an example of how this is being implemented across City and Hackney. eLPR is a consolidated and read only view of a patient’s health record. Read more about eLPR here.


Rights and security

We are committed to keeping patient data safe, sharing it securely and lawfully, and always being clear about why it is used. NHS networks and systems for storing and sharing data are managed  in line with standards set by NHS Digital using world-class standards of cyber security.

Everyone has rights over their data, and a choice about how it is used. Find out more about the options.


More information

If you have any questions or comments on the above or interested in learning more about the IT Enabler programme, please contact the programme team who will get back to you as soon as possible.