Governance is the framework of rules and practices by which an organisation ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in its relationship with stakeholders, service users, management, employees, government and the community. 

The purpose of our Governing Body and wider CCG governance is to govern effectively and in doing so to build local public and stakeholder confidence that their health and healthcare is in safe hands.  This fundamental accountability to the public and stakeholders is delivered by building confidence:

  • In the quality and safety of health services;
  • That resources are invested in a way that delivers optimal health outcomes;
  • In the accessibility and responsiveness of health services;
  • That the public can appropriately shape health services to meet their needs;
  • That public money is spent in a way that is efficient and effective.

The structures, systems, processes and behaviours we have in place for ensuring good governance include:

  • Our Constitution, Standing Orders, Prime Financial Policies and Scheme of Reservation and Delegation;
  • A statutory Governing Body, and requirements of the Committees that support the Governing Body;
  • Guidance on how line managers operate, including codes of conduct and accountability;
  • Business planning;
  • Procedural guidance for staff;
  • Risk register and assurance framework;
  • Internal audit;
  • Scrutiny by external assessors including NHS England.

City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) constitution

 Our Constitution sets out the arrangements we’ve made to meet our responsibilities for commissioning care for our patients and the principles we will operate by with our partners.  It describes the governing principles, rules and procedures that we operate by to ensure probity and accountability in the day-to-day running of the CCG to ensure that decisions are made in an open and transparent way with the interests of our patients and clinicians central to our goals and ambitions.

Our Constitution also contains our Standing Orders and Prime Financial Polices, while our Scheme of Reservation and Delegation is available separately in a standalone document

The CCG board meets each month. View the board meeting papers.

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