The Finance Directorate is led by Sunil Thakker, Chief Finance Officer. The role of the directorate is to set the budget each year and to make sure that the money the organisation spends is commensurate with the CCG’s available resources. It also supports the CCG to achieve its strategic objectives and the vision of its clinical and executive leads.

The Finance team develop financial reports on the overall performance of the CCG (including the annual accounts) and hospital service contracts, to ensure that every pound spent is best value for money and supports the delivery of high quality services for the people of City and Hackney. The latest information on the financial position of the CCG can be found in the Governing Body papers each month.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Budget setting
  • Financial performance reporting
  • Acute contracting
  • Estates

City and Hackney CCG Expenditure

Details of CCG expenditure can be found here