Finance and Performance Committee

The Finance and Performance Committee (FPC) meet privately on a monthly basis receiving finance and activity data and reporting allowing us to monitor the CCGs and providers performance against numerous objectives and key performance indicators.  The FPC covers both business specific to the CCG with outcomes passing onto the Governing Body and business in respect of the City & Hackney Integrated Commissioning arrangements.  The role of the FPC includes the following:

  • Establish a performance framework which enables the CCG to proactively manage its financial, performance, quality, innovation and productivity plans;
  • Provide assurance to the Governing Body about delivery and sustained performance in these areas by reviewing and approving performance reports and action plans in detail prior to Governing Body meetings;
  • Hold to account the management team of the CCG and workstream staff for delivery in their respective areas of responsibility.


The members of the FPC are:

Sue Evans, CCG Lay Member for Governance and Chair of the FPC

Mark Rickets, CCG Chair

Jane Milligan, CCG Accountable Officer

David Maher, CCG Managing Director

Sunil Thakker, CCG Chief Financial Officer


Declarations of interest for the Committee members are contained in the CCGs Register of Interest

The individual Register of Interest for the Finance and Performance Committee can be found here, which was last updated on the 7 June 2017.