Co-Production Charter

The Hackney and City partners have committed to co-production and endorsed the first-ever Co-production Charter for Health and Social Care in Hackney and City. Read the charter here and an Easy Read version here. Co-production means designing, reshaping or delivering services in equal partnership with the people who use them in order to create better services and outcomes. 

The principles include involving people from the start in service redesign and valuing them as equal assets. The charter also says people co-producing services must work together with mutual trust and respect, and share information with wider communities. The four care workstreams will implement the co-production principles as they reshape services.

Public representatives also sit on the boards of the care workstreams and play an important role making sure the work includes residents’ perspectives. 

Lay members of the CCG’s Governing Body also sit on the Hackney and City Integrated Commissioning Boards (Honor Rhodes) and the Transformation Board (Catherine Macadam).

Co-production tools 

Co-production self-assessment tool 

Co-production framework