Clinical Executive Committee

The Clinical Executive Committee (CEC) is the Committee where our members are represented and take part in reviewing and discussing CCG business from a clinical focus.  The Committee examines, debates and makes recommendations on the development and implementation of the CCGs clinical strategy, commissioning plans and Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) targets.  It also ensures that effective clinical consultation and discussion with member practices about the CCGs plans takes place.


The members of the Clinical Executive are:

Gary Marlowe, Chair of the CEC and CCG Clinical Vice Chair

Mark Rickets, CCG Chair & Primary Care Quality Clinical Lead GP

Paul Kelland, South West Consortia Joint Lead GP

May Cahill, Well Consortia Joint Lead GP and Unplanned Care Clinical Lead GP

Kathleen Wenaden, Well Consortia Joint Lead GP

Haren Patel, Klear Consortia Lead GP and Prescribing Clinical Lead GP

Abdul Pathan, Rainbow and Sunshine Consortia Lead GP

Kawal Sabharwal, Rainbow and Sunshine Consortia Deputy GP

Nikhil Katiyar, CCG Governing Body GP and North East Hackney Consortia Lead GP

Jacob Opat, North West Hackney Consortia Joint Lead GP

Denyse Hosein, North West Hackney Consortia Joint Lead GP

Catherine MacAdam, CCG Lay Member for Public and Patient Involvement

Adela Lehnerova, Practice Nurse Representative

Kirit Suhagiya, Practice Manager Representative

Jane Milligan, CCG Accountable Officer

Sunil Thakker, CCG Chief Finance Officer

David Maher, CCG Managing Director



Declarations of interest for the Committee members are contained in the CCGs Register of Interest

The individual Register of Interests for the Clinical Executive Committee can be found here, which was last updated on the 26/03/2015