Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is to seek assurance that financial reporting and internal control principles are applied and to maintain an appropriate relationship with the organisation’s auditors, both internal and external.

The Audit Committee reviews the CCG’s system of integrated governance, risk management and internal control across the whole of the our activities, in order to support the achievement of the our objectives;

In particular, the Committee reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of:

  • All risk and control related disclosure statements (in particular the Annual Governance Statement that forms part of our Annual Report) together with any accompanying Head of Internal Audit statement, external audit opinion or other appropriate independent assurances;
  • The underlying assurance processes that indicate the degree of achievement of the CCGs objectives, the effectiveness of the management of principal risks and the appropriateness of disclosure statements.
  • The CCGs policies for ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory, legal and code of conduct requirements and related reporting and self-certifications.

In carrying out its role, the Committee will primarily utilise the work of internal audit, external audit and other assurance functions. The Committee also seeks reports and assurances from CCG managers as appropriate, concentrating on the over-arching systems of integrated governance, risk management and internal control, together with indicators of their effectiveness

The Members of the Audit Committee are:

  • Sue Evans, Chair of the Audit Committee and CCG Lay Member for Governance
  • Catherine Macadam, CCG Lay Member for Public and Patient Involvement
  • Honor Rhodes, CCG Lay Member

Declarations of interest for the Committee members are contained in the CCGs Register of Interest

The individual Register of Interest for the Audit Committee can be found here, which was last updated on the 26/03/2015