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NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group
Voices of New Parents Wanted
09 July 2018

New City and Hackney parents are being encouraged to contribute their views to improve local NHS maternity services as part of a residents’ forum called the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP).

The City and Hackney MVP would like more mums and dads to come forward to join the group and share their views – good and bad – on how maternity services and post-natal support for new parents, their babies and families can be improved across the community. The MVP is also keen to hear ideas about new ways that new parents can be supported before, during and after pregnancy.

The group includes both residents and maternity professionals from the Homerton University Hospital, a GP lead, maternity organisations and community services, and is chaired by a Hackney mum. The MVP comes together every two months to discuss topics such as: access to maternity services, support available, feedback on care received, and areas where service improvements can be made. The views and experiences of parents are recorded and used to feed back to maternity services and commissioners, helping to shape how services are provided.

Face to face meetings are not the only way to give feedback to the MVP. Parents can also share their views with the Chair via email. Meetings also take place in local baby-friendly venues and at different times of the day, taking into account the busy lives of new parents.

Yim Wong, Chair of the Maternity Voices Partnership and Hackney mum, said: “The Maternity Voices Partnership is a space where new mums and dads can come together in an open and friendly atmosphere to share their views and experiences of having a baby in the City and Hackney. We want lots of new faces to join the partnership to ensure that maternity services are as good as they can be, to provide the services and support residents should quite rightly expect.”

Parents who live across the City and Hackney and who have had children in the last three years are welcome to join the MVP. For more information on how to join, please visit the webpage or email: cah.maternityvoices@nhs.net.