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NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group
Innovation Fund wins major patient experience award
23 March 2017

City and Hackney CCG’s Innovation Fund has won a 2017 National Patient Experience Award -  Commissioning for Patient Experience – for providing an exemplar of commissioning that can transform the patient experience.

The Innovation Fund, which was designed and supported by Innovation Unit, was set up to identify innovative, non-medical, community-based solutions which could increase people’s social skills and improve their confidence and wellbeing. It was an entirely new way for the CCG to work.

Working closely with the local community to identify and prioritise outcomes, the fund is focused on finding solutions that will strengthen the resilience of people and communities, create opportunities for people to better look after themselves and each other, and make transitions in and out of health and care services smoother.

Since 2014, the Innovation Fund has supported 27 projects with £800,000 of funding. Projects are tested on a small scale and supported to develop a robust evidence base.

A third round of the fund, launched in November 2016, focuses on taking the successful projects to scale in partnership with mainstream health and care providers.

Catherine Macadam, the Patient and Public Involvement Chair at City and Hackney CCG said: “We are delighted to have won the Commissioning for Patient Experience award, which is a testament to all of the great work that has been delivered by the projects and their partners. Helping people look after themselves and find their way to the right service is a national challenge. As the Innovation Fund shows, many of the solutions lie within the community rather than within mainstream health and social care organisations.

She added: “Residents and patients from within Hackney have played an important role in the success of the fund. They have articulated local needs, suggested different ways of doing things, and helped shape the fund’s application process. We would like to thank them for all of their invaluable contributions.”

Sarah Gillinson from Innovation Unit said: “We are thrilled that the Innovation Fund has been recognised for the great results it has achieved. Not only does it have the potential to transform outcomes for people living in City and Hackney, but it has demonstrated how a new model of healthcare commissioning can operate. By acknowledging the impact that social factors have on people’s health and wellbeing and by working directly with the local community, it has created a space and resource for the charity sector to deliver innovative solutions that will make a real difference to people’s lives.”

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