Consultations and Public Engagement

Consultations and public engagement exercises are central to putting City & Hackney residents at the heart of their health and social services.

We want you to be involved in decisions which determine how healthcare is commissioned by City & Hackney CCG.

We actively encourage patients, residents, and community organisations to take part and contribute to our work.

Taking part in consultations and public engagement exercises are an important way to have your say on issues that affect you.

Stik NHS

The CCG and Stik (a local street artist) worked together to create an impression of the NHS. This particular piece of art can be seen outside Well Street Surgery.

Local engagement and consultations 

Details of local NHS consultations and surveys will be made available below.  

Aligning commissioning policies across north east London 

A current engagement exercise is taking place to hear people's views on developing a shared way of commissioning services for people living in north east London. This includes looking at specific treatments, procedures and interventions the NHS funds, and who is eligible to have them. You can read more about the proposed policy and how to have your say on  it, here. 

Public consultation on the proposed relocation of Moofields Eye Hospital (City Road) services 

Information about a consultation on a proposal to move Moorfields Eye Hospital’s services to a new location is available here. 

Prescribing consultation 

Changes are taking place in the way that medicines are prescribed in the NHS. In order to make the most of the prescribing resources, some medications which are seen to have only limited effectiveness or medications which are available freely over the counter will no longer be prescribed by GPs.  To read more and to have your say on these changes please click here

Estates Strategy 

Information about North East London Estates Strategy and our local Estates Strategy, as well as how to get involved is posted here. 

Local authority consultations 

London Borough of Hackney consultation page is available here. 

City of London Corporation consultation and involvement page is available here. 

Allerton Road Surgery

The current primary care contract for the Allerton Road Surgery expires on 31st March 2020. To ensure the continuation of high quality GP services from this practice, City and Hackney CCG is undertaking a procurement exercise to find a provider for the service moving forward. As part of the procurement process we organised two patient engagement events at the practice and made a survey available to patients to have their say on what the service will look like from April 2020. The report detailing the findings of this consultation can be found here.

National engagement and consultations

NHS England run national consultations and an involvement hub where you can find out more about participation opportunities across London and nationally. 

The Department of Health consultations on a wide range of health issues are available here: Latest Consultation News from the Department of Health