Mental Health Support with Hackney Talk Changes

Residents who experience common mental health problems such as depression, stress or anxiety can receive help and advice from Hackney Talk Changes, a free and confidential NHS service.

For the one in six people in Hackney and City who experience depression, stress or anxiety, January can be more of a challenging time of year for a number of reasons; from marking the end of the festive period, to shorter days and gloomy weather.

Support is available from Hackney Talk Changes, an NHS service provided by Homerton Hospital. The service - available all year round - uses talking therapy to help residents make changes to overcome persistent low mood and improve wellbeing. It is available for anyone 18 years and above who is registered with a City and Hackney GP practice.

Jon Wheatley, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Hackney Talk Changes, said: “We offer a range of different psychological therapies, sometimes known as ‘talking therapy’, for anyone who is experiencing depression, anxiety or worrying excessively. Depending on the initial assessment, there are a number of possible options that we may recommend and that people can choose from, depending on personal preference and what is most convenient. It could be face-to-face sessions, by telephone, or following a course online supported by an experienced practitioner. For some people it might be helpful to meet as part of a group that provides information and strategies on how to manage stress, improve sleep and other problems.

“We can help people change the way they think and behave, dealing with the negative thoughts that can trap us in a vicious circle. Our approach is to help people achieve their goals and make changes in their day-to-day lives. I’d encourage anyone who needs help to take the first steps and improve the New Year ahead of them.”

Talk Changes can be contacted by calling: 020 7683 4278; or via the website:

Residents do not need to arrange an appointment via their GP practice to use Hackney Talk Changes.