Launch of Talk Changes for Health

Talking therapies for people with a long-term illness



Talk Changes, Homerton University Hospital’s talking therapies service for City and Hackney, has launched Talk Changes for Health, a tailored service for people with long term health condition such as diabetes, cardiac, IBS or breathing problems. 

Living with an on-going health condition can be difficult. Juggling appointments, remembering to take your medicines, and not always being able to do the things you enjoy can be frustrating and tiring.

Talk Changes for Health provides coaching and advice to improve mood and motivation, empowering patients to better control their conditions and live life to the full.

“Often, these patients don’t recognise their low mood or motivation, believing it is just part of living with their condition,” says clinical lead Dr Jon Wheatley. “This doesn’t have to be the case. We hope this tailored service will mean many more patients can benefit.”

For people with long term health conditions, talking therapies have been shown to improve self-management and help patients stick to treatment plans. They can also help people coming to terms with a diagnosis or having to make lifestyle changes.

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