Hackney Support Services Map

Help Is At Hand With The Online Find Support Services Map

Finding the right support and essential services during the COVID-19 lockdown has become a lot easier in Hackney with the launch of an online interactive Find support services map.

The map, developed by Hackney Council, shows where and who to contact for services in your neighbourhood. The information online covers all services available and will be regularly updated for as long as it is needed. 

The organisations displayed cover a wider range of support, services and activities; like keeping fit at home, gardening, music and other online classes, to food and prescription deliveries and advice services such as stopping smoking, employment, benefits, money, addiction and domestic abuse.

dedicated team at Hackney Council has also been set up, for people to call for urgent assistance and advice, connecting people with the services and support they need.

Visit the Find support services map today.

Useful links:

  • This short video shows the key features of the map and how to navigate it.
  • If you or you know of an organisation that wants to create, expand or improve their online presence during this time, visit the ‘digital presence guide’ 
  • If you know of an organisation that should be featured on the map but aren’t, please ask them to fill in this form

If you have suggestions on how the map can be improved, please email dos@hackney.gov.uk