Getting drunk is not a game this festive season

The London Ambulance Service has launched a hard-hitting alcohol awareness campaign in time for the festive season, highlighting the impact of alcohol-related calls on London’s other ill and injured patients.

The campaign has been branded “What Tops” - a play on the words of the card game “Top-Trumps” to appeal to young people by gamifying the issues.

Did you know that Last December, The London Ambulance Services responded to over 6,000 alcohol-related incidents? Of those calls, 347 came from City and Hackney.

It’s not possible to tell over the phone whether someone has a serious illness or injury, or have simply had too much to drink so they get prioritised immediately – this means that other patients such as a child with a broken arm or an elderly person who has had a fall will wait longer for an ambulance.

Here are some tips to help you drink responsibly this festive season:

  • Eat a meal before going out and drink responsibly – try spacing out your alcoholic intake by having a soft drink in between
  • Look after your friends and colleagues and make sure you know how you are getting home at the end of the night
  • Before you go out, think about where the nearest public transport is to your party and check the time of the last bus or train
  • Have the number for a reputable taxi company in your area saved on your phone and book in advance. Share the fare and share a cab with a colleague or friend who lives close by

Please spread the word amongst your family and friends. You can also get involved by following @Ldn_Ambulance on twitter and retweeting their campaign tweets using the hashtag #NotAGame.