Closure of the Sorsby Medical Practice

The Sorsby medical practice will be permanently closed from 30 June 2019 after the end of the contract that provides GP services.

City and Hackney CCG is working with NHS England to ensure that the services or treatment patients receive will continue as normal following the closure of the Clapton-based practice.

Local patients are being reassured with a letter this week which provides information about the closure, as well as guidance and contact details to register with one of seven nearby GP practices.

Two patient information events have also been arranged at the Sorsby Practice to provide an opportunity for patients to ask any questions to practice and NHS staff.

Vulnerable residents will be supported by the practice to register with another nearby GP, and any patients that have not self-registered before 30 June 2019 will be transferred automatically to another practice with any related medical records. 

Dr Mark Rickets, Chair of City and Hackney CCG, said: “Unfortunately, despite best efforts and much careful consideration, Clapton’s Sorsby Medical practice will be permanently closed from 30 June 2019 due to the end of the provider contract. We are working closely with NHS England to ensure that any impact on local residents is kept to an absolute minimum.

“Sorsby patients are being encouraged to register with one of seven nearby GP practices that are accepting new patients, and located within a mile of Sorsby, before 30 June 2019. Once registered with a new practice, patient medical records will be transferred electronically from Sorsby to ensure that any medical treatment continues as normal. Vulnerable patients will also be supported to register with a new GP practice.

“Patients can continue to use the Sorsby practice until 30 June and will be automatically registered with a nearby practice if they do not self-register beforehand. However, I would advise patients to please find an alternative practice as soon as they possibly can.

“The CCG with NHS England will continue to keep patients fully informed of the closure with further letters and other communications.”

You can read a copy of the letter sent to Sorsby patients here.

This page will be updated with further information when available.