City and Hackney GP Performance Ranked Top Nationally

NHS City and Hackney GPs have achieved outstanding results for health services across a number of areas, national figures reveal.

Health services in City and Hackney have been recognised across the UK as part of the latest quality and outcomes framework (QOF), which monitors performance against the quality of care from GP practices.

Ranked against 194 other Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), the treatment for patients with a long term health conditions topped national performance targets for: the management of blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and diabetes; diagnosis and reviews of people with asthma and chronic lung diseases; support to stop smoking in people with other long term conditions; and people with diabetes who have had a foot check in the last year.

Other City and Hackney GP services also emerged in the top 25-per-cent in the country as part of these latest results, such as ensuring patients with a long term health condition receive the correct treatment to help prevent conditions from getting worse.

As part of the overall QOF report, the City and Hackney CCG will be monitoring the performance of other services.

Dr Mark Rickets, Chair of City and Hackney CCG, said: “These fantastic performance figures would not be possible without the commendable work of City and Hackney NHS staff and partners who continue to put the lives and welfare of residents at the centre of all they do. Not only has the performance of treating patients with long term conditions emerged top of national leader boards, other important local services have been recognised as performing excellently. There is more work to do to ensure that our performance remains high while continuing to work across other areas to meet the health and care needs of all local residents.”

For more information about the City and Hackney CCG, visit the website.

To read the latest quality and outcomes framework report, visit the NHS Digital website.