Becoming a CCG

City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) aims to become a fully authorised statutory NHS organisation responsible for commissioning health services for the people of City and Hackney by April 2013. In order to achieve this, we need to be “authorised” by the NHS Commissioning Board Authority. This means that we have to submit a wide range of documents that proves that we have the right skills, structures and process in place to be able to fully take on commissioning responsibilities.

These documents are still being developed however we are keen to publish them in order to enable any interested parties to have greater access to information about our CCG.

The NHS Commissioning Board Authority is looking for evidence in 6 different domains which are:
1. Strong clinical and multi- professional focus which brings real added value.
2. Meaningful engagement with patients, carers and their communities.
3. Clear and credible plans which continue to deliver against challenges, national requirements and wellbeing strategies.
4. Proper constitutional and governance arrangements
5. Collaborative arrangements with other CCGs, local authorities and the NHS Commissioning Board
6. Great leaders who individually and collectively can make a real difference

We are committed to being transparent, open and inclusive, so we will be publishing further evidence in October.

Documentation relating to authorisation

The Constitution has been developed through extensive consultation with our practices, public and patient groups and partner organisations. This document is the version submitted for the authorisation process.
City & Hackney CCG Constitution Draft September 2012 Constitution Draft September 2012.pdf

This next version of the Constitution has been updated to include further references to partnership working, dispute resolution and the role of the Members Forum.
City & Hackney CCG Constitution Draft 17 October 2012 Constitution Draft 17 October 2012.pdf

The 360 Stakeholder Survey was undertaken by Ipsos Mori to ensure an independent assessment of the CCGs relationships with practices and partners.
360 Stakeholder Survey Briefing 360 Stakeholder Survey Briefing.pdf
360 Stakeholder Survey Summary 360 Stakeholder Survey Summary.pdf
360 Stakeholder Survey Full Report 360 Stakeholder Survey Full Report.pdf
360 Stakeholder Survey Comments 360 Stakeholder Survey Comments.pdf
360 Stakeholder Survey CCG Response C&H Authorisation 360 Stakeholder Survey Response.pdf

The Commissioning Arrangements formed part of the Application Form for CCG authorisation and are reproduced here in a compiled document.
Commissioning Arrangements included on the Authorisation Application Form Compiled Commissioning Arrangements from Application.pdf

We produced a series of Case Studies on the work we've done over the last few years.
Delivering Better Care for People with Diabetes Delivering Better Care for People with Diabetes.pdf
Improving Community Midwifery Improving Community Midwifery.pdf
Improving the Management of COPD Improving the Management of COPD.pdf
Mental Health Mental Health.pdf
Urgent Care Urgent Care.pdf

A range of policies, strategies and other documents were required for the authorisation process. These are provided below, but will be reviewed and updated through the application process and finalised before April 2013.
PCT Inheritance and Statutory Duties through Transition Transition and Legacy paper.pdf
Procurement Strategy Draft September 2012 Procurement Strategy Draft September 2012.pdf
Equality and Diversity Strategy September 2012 Equality and Diversity Strategy September 2012.pdf
Risk Framework Draft September 2012 Risk Framework Draft September 2012.pdf
Board Assurance Framework Draft September 2012 Board Assurance Framework Draft September 2012.pdf
Complaints Policy Draft September 2012 Complaints Policy Draft September 2012.pdf
Safeguarding Children Policy September 2012 Safeguarding Children Policy September 2012.pdf
Safeguarding Adults Policy September 2012 Safeguarding Adults Policy September 2012.pdf
Safeguarding Handbook Draft September 2012 Safeguarding Handbook Draft September 2012.pdf
Organisational Development Plan September 2012 Organisational Development Plan September 2012.pdf
Conflicts of Interest Policy Draft September 2012 Conflicts of Interest Policy Draft September 2012.pdf
Communications and Engagement Draft September 2012 Communications and Engagement Draft September 2012.pdf

We submitted a suite of documents that had been produced by partner organisations, including the City of London, London Borough of Hackney and the NHS North East London and the City PCT Cluster.
City and Hackney Health and Wellbeing Profile (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) C&H Health and Wellbeing Profile.pdf

The NHS National Commissioning Board produced a Data Profile of our CCG and we made a response.
Data Profile Cover Letter Data Profile Cover Letter.pdf
Data Profile Report Data Profile Report.pdf
Data Profile Spine Chart Data Profile Spine Chart.pdf
Data Profile Activity Spend and Outcomes Data Profile Activity Spend and Outcomes.pdf
Data Profile response Data Profile response.pdf