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NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group

Self Care

Self Care is about people being able to look after themselves and make everyday choices that help them stay healthy and well. This means people having access to the information, support and services that they need to do so.

Self Care is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle; eating well and exercising as well as looking after yourself when you have a sore throat or a cold by taking over the counter medication and knowing how to treat small cuts and wounds at home.

It is also about managing your health condition effectively by attending regular check ups and taking steps to get better when you are unwell by taking the right medication at the right time.

5 to Thrive 

In City and Hackney we’ve taken the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, a set of five things that people can do to improve and support their mental health and wellbeing, and created 5 to Thrive - a series of events and resources that anyone can take use and take part in. 

Whether it’s learning mindfulness, joining a free exercise class, reconnecting with your neighbours, or finding out more about volunteering and mentoring, 5 to Thrive is here to help you get the most out of what’s available locally. Click here to find out more. 

Find out more 

To find services that can help you with self care please talk to your GP or pharmacist. Alternatively, for online directories listing services available in City and Hackney, please visit Hackney i-Care or City-Health

For information and advise about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, about specific health conditions, symptoms and self care as well as advise about when to see your GP please visit NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk  

More information on Self Care is available at www.selfcareforum.org


Page last updated 03 July 2017