NHS City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group is part of the East London Health and Care Partnership (ELHCP) which includes twenty organisations across eight North East London areas.

The Homerton Hospital and East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) are also part of the ELHCP.

The role of the ELHCP is to make sure that local health and care services continue to meet the changing needs of residents and patients, money is being used wisely and the wider aims of the NHS are met over the next five years.

The ELHCP is also looking at how NHS land and buildings are used, how services from those buildings can be improved and where money can be saved.

The ELHCP plan looking at NHS land and buildings is called the Strategic Estates Plan, and this was published in October 2018. This looks at each of the eight North East London areas which includes City and Hackney.

The Strategic Estates Plan looks at different types of buildings, including: community centres, urgent treatment centres, community hubs, hospitals and GP surgeries.

The plan, which is published online, will continue to change over time following feedback from organisations involved in the plan as well as residents and patients.

The Strategic Estates Plan includes ideas for St Leonard’s Hospital and Homerton Hospital. The CCG, Homerton Hospital and ELFT each also have their own separate local estates plans.

There are two versions of the ELHCP plan that you can read, a summary version and a full version.

The City and Hackney local estates plan will be uploaded onto this page when it is ready.

Please find below a series of frequently asked questions and answers about City and Hackney estates and land featured in the ELHCP plan. If you have any further questions, or would like to be involved in the discussions about estates, please contact:

This web page will be updated regularly with further information and opportunities for residents to have their say on the plans.

Please find below a selection of frequently asked questions: 

The ELHCP mentions that the St Leonard’s Hospital site could be used for housing, is this true?

No decisions have been made about the use of the St Leonard’s Hospital site however, there is a need to redevelop the hospital into a fit for purpose healthcare facility to meet the present and future health and care needs of City and Hackney residents. Before any decisions are made, a report will be pulled together on what healthcare services are needed at St Leonard’s and how the use of space can be improved to address an estimated £1m currently being charged by NHS Property Services to City and Hackney CCG for void/unused spaces at St Leonard’s Hospital. The ELHCP plan lists housing as a potential idea, not a final decision.

Housing is mentioned in the ELHCP Strategic Estates Plan, does this mean a decision has already been taken?

No, there are no final plans to use the St Leonard’s site for housing. The ELHCP Strategic Estates Plan mentions that the St Leonard’s site could be used for housing through making better use of the site and any space not used for health and care services -  this will help remove the void costs incurred by the City and Hackney CCG which can be put back into local services. The potential use of the site for housing will also help address housing need in Hackney, helping to address the wider health needs of local residents. No decisions about the hospital site will be taken before the report is completed and residents have had an opportunity to have their say.

Will the CCG involve residents in decisions about the St Leonard’s site?

Yes. The CCG will involve residents in discussions about St Leonard’s and will also undertake a full public consultation into the future of the site once the CCG report looking at St Leonard’s Hospital has been completed.

City & Hackney patient representatives will be part of the St. Leonard’s working group to carry out the healthcare facility redevelopment project.  

Who decides what happens to St Leonard’s?

The City and Hackney CCG does not own the St Leonard’s Hospital or the land that St Leonard’s Hospital is built on. An organisation called NHS Property Services is responsible for the St Leonard’s Hospital site - it is their decision about what happens to any space or land used at St Leonard’s which cannot be used for health or care services.

City and Hackney CCG and NHS England are the key commissioners of services for St Leonard’s Hospital and will need to determine what is needed at a healthcare facility. City and Hackney CCG and NHS England will work with NHS Property Services, as well as other stakeholders such as the local authorities, to work out how the estate can be used to address local health and care needs.

When will decisions be taken into the future of St Leonard’s?

The work looking at the St Leonard’s site is in the very early stages in what is potentially a five year project subject to availability of funding.

The ELHCP estates paper shows that space at St Leonard’s, which is laying empty, is costing the CCG almost a million pounds per year. Can you explain this?

The CCG is working with NHS Property Services who are responsible for bringing these voids back into use. St Leonard’s is similar to many other NHS sites across London regarding a backlog of NHS Property Services maintenance works.

Before any decisions are made about the use of the St Leonard’s site, a report will be pulled together on what healthcare services are needed at St Leonard’s and how the use of space can be improved to address the estimated £1m currently charged by NHS Property Services to for void/unused spaces at St Leonard’s Hospital.

The ELHCP estates plan suggests that some mental health services from Homerton are being moved to Mile End. Is this true?

The East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) are the providers responsible for the mental health services at the Homerton Hospital. The best future location for Inpatient Mental Health Services, currently based at Homerton Hospital, is being reviewed. No decisions have been made about the future of this service. 

If mental health services might change at Homerton Hospital, will a public consultation take place?

Yes, a full public consultation will take place before any final decisions are made regarding changes to mental health inpatient service at the City and Hackney Centre.