Transforming Services Changing Lives

Transforming Services, Changing Lives developed a Case for Change which was published in December 2014.

 The Transforming Services Together programme is much broader in scope and has developed the original case for change.

  • Our population is growing, and in the next 15 years is expected to grow by 270,000
  • There are changes underway that will impact how our services operate. For instance King George Hospital’s emergency department is expected to close, which will mean an increase in demand at Whipps Cross and Newham hospitals.
  • Health and social care budgets are being squeezed
  • We need to improve the quality of care and patient experience
  • Our workforce is stretched
  • We need to change the social culture of over-reliance on medical (and often emergency) services
  • Our facilities and IT systems are not always set up to deliver high quality or efficient care