Strategy and Investment Case

The clinical strategy has been published in three parts:

Our strategy aims to:

  • support the health and wellbeing strategies of our boroughs, helping people to stay healthier and manage illness; and to access high-quality, appropriate care, earlier and more easily
  • change the culture of how we commission and deliver care
  • increase involvement of patients and carers in co-production and shared decision-making
  • maximise the use of the assets in our communities and voluntary sector
  • commission activity to be in fit-for-purpose settings of care, often closer to home
  • focus some surgery in fewer locations to improve patient outcomes and experiences and drive up efficiencies
  • acknowledge the importance of supporting people’s mental health and well-being
  • ensure the system is flexible enough to respond to changing demands
  • help set our finances on a path of sustainability in a challenging environment.

We are approaching the challenges by:

  • getting the basics right, focusing on better IT, estates and a workforce that is fit for the 21st century
  • considering key issues in all that we do, for instance how we can help people better manage their health; how we can help people improve their mental health; and how we can provide services that are appropriate for children and young people not just adults
  • focusing on three ‘clusters’ of work which are responsible for specific initiatives:


Three clusters13 initiatives
1. Care close to home
  • Expand integrated care to those at medium risk of hospital admission
  • Put in place a more integrated urgent care model
  • Improve end-of-life care 
  • Improve access to, capacity and coordination in primary care
2. Strong sustainable hospitals
  • Establish surgical hubs
  • Establish acute care hubs at each hospital
  • Increase the proportion of natural births
3. Working across organisations
  • Transform the patient pathway and outpatients services
  • Reduce unnecessary testing
  • Deliver shared care records across organisations
  • Explore the opportunity that physician associates may bring
  • Develop a strategy for the future of Mile End Hospital
  • Develop a strategy for the future of Whipps Cross Hospital