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Delivering safe, sustainable and high-quality healthcare services in east London

Transforming Services Together was established in September 2014 to improve the local health and social care economy in Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest – in line with the challenges of the NHS Five Year Forward View, local and regional plans and guidance.

The NHS in east London faces huge challenges: an extra 270,000 residents will move into the area in the next 15 years – equivalent to another London borough; our organisations will be in deficit by £400 million in five years if we don’t take action now; we have shortages of staff in many areas; and we have too many examples of poor patient care, estates and infrastructure.

Transforming Services Together will involve large-scale partnership working and new roles across organisational and borough boundaries. More than 1,000 people have been involved in the programme including clinicians, key stakeholders and members of the public. Their enthusiasm for change, willingness to work together and the strong belief that solutions can be found has been encouraging.

Have your say

Plans have been published in a Strategy and Investment Case, and between 29 February and 31 May 2016 comments were invited at a wide range of events and meetings. These responses to the proposals will be incorporated into an engagement report that will ensure people’s views are taken into consideration as we move to the implementation phase of the programme.

Although the formal engagement period is now complete, you can still read this summary of the plans, or the full reports.

You can also still email with any comments or questions about TST.